Having had many years experience setting up a vast range of different vehicles and using the latest Josam alignment equipment we can offer the following on-site services to the haulage industry:

4, 6, 8 or more wheel alignment. (from small vans to multi-axle cranes).

Full geometry checks - camber, caster, KPI, steering centre position, toe out on turn etc.

Full chassis alignment checks.

Trailer axle alignment.

Full computer print outs before and after adjustment available on request.

The benefits of having a full wheel alignment check and adjustment are:

Better MPG due to lower rolling resistance (reduced running costs).

Better/longer tyre life
(reduced running costs).

(less tyre failure, wear and tear on suspension components reduced and less fatigue on the vehicle and driver!)

Nicer and less tiring to drive as the vehicle is more stable.

Problems such as un-even tyre wear, pulling to one side, wheel shake and crabbing can be identified and resolved.

Rear axles checked and adjusted to prevent vehicle crabbing.

Less CO2 emissions.

With the rising running costs in the current market with diesel and tyre prices having a steeralign check done could well see a very reasonable decrease in expenditure resulting in higher productivity!

Reliable service at competitive prices, mobile service we come to you!
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